About our company

  • Our company was founded in 1995.is a professional footwear manufacturer. In order to enable more

people to truly enjoy the outdoor activities, the founders are constantly trying to develop rain boots that

are durable or affordable ,but at that time, they could not find good equipment, so The adventure begins,

In outdoors, whether it's hiking through muddy trails, wading through streams to find small fish, jumping

puddles, or just playing in your own garden.

  • For more than two decades, we have been improving the material of rain boots to make them more

waterproof and durable.Meanwhile, we have also developed more styles of rain boots. Our product

range is: PVC fashion rain boots. PVC children's rain boots, PVC garden rain boots. PVC safety rain

boots. PVC bathroom rain gear. this rain boots using the latest technology and raw materials, with oil,

heat, anti-fragment and so on.

  • Our mission: to make every rain shoes that we wear us to enjoy comfort, fashion, and play freely

outdoors. Sell rain boots to the world and share it wherever you go.